Thursday, March 6, 2008

An Errand Completed, or Buying Back One's Memories

I am very pleased to report that the Reinhart letter had just the effect that I had hoped it would. Last night I recieved this email from the letter's recipient:

Dear Mr. XXXXXX,

You were very thoughtful to track me down and it is appreciated. Indeed, Cally Reinhart and William Reinhart are my grandparents. Every things checks out in the family tree that was started a few years ago.
I would very much like the name of the shop name and the telephone number if you are able to send it to me. My email address is XXXXXXXXXXXXX if it is easier to email it to me than using US mail. Either way would be fine. All of Williams and Cally's children are deceased and at this time I am the only grandson with the name of Reinhart still living. I will be 80 years old in May of this year. I do not have any idea of how the Marriage License reaches the Canton shop. PERHAPS ONE OF THE SONS OR DAUGHTER PUT IT IN A SALE OR ONE OF THE GRANDCHILDREN
Thank you for the effort you put in to tracking me down

Most sincerely.


I certainly hope that he is able to acquire the certificate, and that he is as thrilled with it as I am to have led him to it.

Any Karma points involved in this?

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