Sunday, January 6, 2008

A Wunderkammer of sorts...............

There is something about the blog format that calls out to the exhibitionist in us all. People who would otherwise be apprehensive to express his or her opinions, beliefs, dreams or interests to others feel protected while generating blog posts. Anonymity emboldens a person who is typically introverted into showing a little of the stuff that they are made of. It is alot like allowing someone to watch while you are cleaning your bedroom closet. As you unload your mess on the floor, the spectator gains clues as to how you live and think. You may do yourself proud or you may embarrass yourself, but you are anonymous so it is all good.

There is something about the blog format that brings out the voyeur in people too. As a reader of this blog you are willingly sitting back and watching what comes out of the closet, good or bad, and you can walk away at any time with no explanations needed. But you are also anonymous so it is all good.

A wunderkammer is a German word meaning "cabinet of curiosities". Once you reach a certain age you realize that all along you have been collecting the materials to make yourself a human wunderkammer . These curiosities you have collected become what you are. Having one of these cabinets and not sharing it with the curious is an injustice to your life collection.

Now, I invite you to look inside.

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