Saturday, November 8, 2008

Where The Errand is Going

I think that every once in a while an individual needs to sit down and do some priority adjustments in their lives. I have preached this process to my children many times because I think that it relieves some of the stress that we unnecessarily put our selves through each day, and that can never be a bad thing.

The process is simple. Take a sheet of paper and draw a vertical line straight down the center. Label the first column “Things that work for me”, and the second “Things that do not work for me”. They can just as easily be “Thinks giving joy” and “Things causing grief” or anything else your imagination can come up with.

The object of the exercise is to recommit your self to the items in the joy column, and making an honest effort to eliminate the things in the grief column. The more thing you can eliminate in the grief column, the less stressed you will find your life is. I understand it is a very simple minded exercise, but I have found it helpful over the years.

While compiling these two lists in my head recently I found a few things that were no longer giving me the amount of joy that they once did. One was a local newspaper discussion forum that has degenerated into nothing more than a mean spirited attack laden bitch-fest. There are many good people who still frequent these discussions, but they are becoming fewer as the nasty members are driving them away. A week ago they were eliminated from my life.

Another was a metal detecting forum that I had the honor of being a moderator on. It was and likely still is a wonderful place to hand out and discuss detecting, coins, bottles and finds. With all of this going for that fine group of friends, an unfortunate inability to agree with some of the practices at this forum caused my disappearance there .I did not feel an “I am done!!” type of post was warranted, I just simply left my friends to continue without me.

By now you are probably wondering where this post is going. You see, by eliminating my affiliation with these two sites The Errand’s readership has dropped by about 70%, mostly from the former, some from the latter. I had a pretty good run going for a while, and was enjoying the fact that people took the time to actually read something that I had written. So for now The Errand remains in the joy column, and if you are reading this you have my sincere thanks.

The future of my oddball corner of the net is fluid at the moment. The Absorbing Errand concept that lead to its title is from a quote by Henry James that always appears in my title banner. In a nutshell it says to me that the only way that a person can be truly happy is to find a diversion, bordering on obsession, that can take his or her mind away from the grind of everyday life. We all need that, a hobby is a great example.

My problem has always been finding an interest, becoming consumed by it, and at some point losing interest and tossing it aside never to be pursued again. In the last 20 some odd years my mind was filled with baseball, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, a long Civil War research period, family tree research, lighthouses, astronomy, politics, metal detecting, antique medicine bottles, Ancient Roman coins and antiques in general. Rarely do any of these overlap, and typically one had to be pronounced dead before another could begin. I think I may have ADHD.

At the moment I have no true Absorbing Errand. I am caught between a quickly dying interest and the next wave of mania that will drive the next phase of my errand . I still have the history to post here, as I will certainly continue to do. Other subjects and diversions are up in the air at this point.

If anyone stops by from the TT family, I just wanted to say thank you from both of us for your friendship and support. If we do not cross paths again you all will be sorely missed.

As for new friends I have been blessed with, hang on tight this thing could go anywhere…….

Expect a new history post very shortly.

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