Saturday, August 16, 2008

A New Friend of The Errand

Of local interest, I would like to share with my readers from and around Northwestern Pennsylvania a forum based website that I am sure that you will find interesting. The site is called the Double E Ticket and is based in Crawford County.

For those of you that frequent discussion forums of a local nature, you will find Double E Ticket to be one of the best organized and user friendly forum formats that you have seen. A local forum, state level discussions, politics, environment, it is all here. The homepage opens to national news feeds before going to the local level, making it a natural candidate for a browser home page. I think you will be very happy that you visited.

So, if you live in, or are from Crawford, Mercer or Venango Counties and are looking to get into a growing discussion board with super features, I recommend registering there and joining the discussion.

I don’t think that you will be disappointed.

Also, I have added a button in the left hand column for Project Gutenberg. Free Digital Literature.

More posts to come soon !!


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