Friday, May 30, 2008

A Journey Well Started

It has often been said that opposites attract. I imagine in most cases this simple rule is very true, but not much is said about how these polar relationships adhere over long periods of time.

Take myself and my dear wife for instance. We may have a few aspects in our personalities that are opposite, but our marriage has proven time and time again that it is the similarities, like interests and common values that have kept us together for 18 years. Both of our sets of parents set out to raise decent children, and I feel that they did an admirable job in both cases. We have tried our best with our children, hoping that we have instilled this decency in them. Things look good, but time will tell.

Amongst the decent children that my parents worked very hard to raise is my youngest sister. Her consistent good nature, ready smile and infectious laugh have brought me a great deal of joy over the years. The opposites rule again does not apply to her, and she succeeded in finding and marrying a good hearted, caring man to spend life with. A man that is more brother than in-law to me. To see them interact in the business of life makes you feel reassured that all is well there.

On May 28th, at 10:10 pm EST, my baby sister gave birth to her first child, Elizabeth Nicole. “Izzy” as she is called was 5lb 13oz. And 18 inches long. Izzy was born on her Mother’s birthday, which seems somehow appropriate. This baby is blessed with a very nurturing environment.

So to Tony and Trina, congratulations. With all of my kids nearly raised and on their own, your journey has begun. The kindness and compassion that you both possess will over the years make Elizabeth a most fortunate child indeed.

You two have made Mom and Dad very happy and proud.


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