Friday, May 2, 2008

An Honor Bestowed

I learned something interesting yesterday. Apparently there is a type of blog post that I was totally unaware of its existence. It is called a “blog carnival”. A blog carnival is a periodic blog post that is designed to display a sampling of some of the best recent blog posts in a specific subject category. Typically compiled monthly, the carnival is hosted by a different blogger each month. This author is responsible for sifting through found and/or nominated blogs and choosing which to include in his or her blog carnival. Lots of new links and information, good stuff.

I also learned yesterday that Tim Abbott, author of a great blog called “Walking the Berkshires” saw fit to include a link to The Errand and a sizable quote from my inaugural post in his Cabinet of Curiosities blog carnival back in January. I would like to thank Tim for my inclusion in his list of deserving blogs. I am only sorry that the thank you is months late, as I found it quite by accident.

This specific carnival, and Tim’s wonderfully entertaining blog can be found here:

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